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José Moreno

(Dancer/ Percussionist/ Guitarrist/ Singer)

Born into a family of famous flamenco artists Estrella Morena (dancer) and Pepe de Málaga (singer), Jose began his flamenco career during his childhood years. His debut was at the famous Tablao flamenco “Costa Vasca”. Jose continued his studies with the Great Manolete, Farruquito, and Andres Marin and Cajon Percussion with Manuel Soler. Jose has been invited to perform in various companies around the world, and with distinguished artists such as: The Great Manolete, Joaquin Ruiz, Pastora Galvan, Jose Cortes “Pansequito”, Jose Luis Rodriquez, Roberto Castellon, Pedro Cortes, Jose Valle “Chuscales”,  Juanito Pascual, Basilio Garcia, Paco Heredia, Carmen Ledesma, Jesus Montoya, Zorongo Flamenco Dance, Flamenco Vivo Dance Company, La Tania, Miguel Vargas, Nelida Tirado, Antonio Hidalgo, Curro Cueto, Gonzalo Grau, Edwin Aparicio, Amparo Heredia, Raquel Heredia, Adrian Galia, Antonio Granjero, Angel Muñoz, Charo Espino, Belen Maya, Omayra Amaya, Jorge Pardo, Chano Dominguez and many other outstanding performers…

In 2001, Jose choreographed and performed a collaborative work with his mother Estrella Morena, and with renowned flamenco singer Carmen Linares with the New World Symphony Orquestra at Lincoln Theater. In 2004 choreographed works and performed with the Boston Flamenco Ballet, In 2007, Jose performed with the internationally known Isabel Pantoja, and with David Bisbal in “Premios lo Nuestro”. In 2010 performed in the 7th annual Panama Jazz Festival, also that same year at the prestigious “Carnegie Hall” in New York City, in 2013 in “Zorro” The Musical at the Alliance Theatre. At BAM theatre in New York City with Flamenco Vivo Dance Company ,  in 2015 the TV series called “Los Descendientes de Andalucia” produced by Canal Sur in Seville, Spain, at the Ravinia Festival in Chicago with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the 2015-2016 season of “Carmen” at The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. for the Washington National Opera, The NYC Winter Jazzfest in 2017 and at “The Jazz Standard” in NYC with Chano Dominguez, and the 2014-2019 season of “Carmen” at The Metropolitan Opera in New York City…..…

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